Let us help you with the essentials of purchasing real estate within the U.S. as a foreign national buyer. Without this being handled correctly it could lead to frustration and disappointment.

The United States Commercial Investment

The downturn in the US-economy has finally leveled off and we have stabilized as a Nation. Both Commercial & Residential investments are by far the safest and most secure means of earning 10%-plus on your investment. I am working real estate deals that are producing 20%-plus Returns or Cash-on-Cash for investments all across the United States on investments such as Hotels, Apartments, Shopping Centers, Industrial & Office Buildings, Medical Facilities and more. This is truly the time to buy real estate in the United States. There are many areas of our Country that are simply not locations where a foreign national would want to invest and having a trustworthy representative is the most important decision the foreign national investor needs to make. Me and my network of professionals will walk you through the entire process of Real Estate Investing to insure the highest returns and the safest investment.

Property Management for the Foreign Investor

We offer a very completive and trusted management program for your new investment. Regardless of the type investment we will provide honest advice on the management process. Our network of management professionals and tradesmen allows for quiet enjoyment for you and your US-based real estate investment.

Assisting Foreign Nationals

Through Specialization and 25+ years of experience I offer you “The Foreign National Buyer” the single best approach to purchasing real estate in the United States. I have a team of professional lenders, attorneys and accountants in place so that you as the buyer do not have to spend unneeded time and money trying to find the right people to assist you.

Foreign National Lending

As our US economy has improved greatly over the past year Foreign National Lending is becoming popular again. As your agent, I will work closely with you and your lender to handle the financing process so that your financial information remains confidential and that you experience professional courtesy through the process. Of recent I have assisted foreign national buyers in obtaining financing as low as 4.75% for 25-years with 25% down payment on commercial property (this may vary for each buyer) and most foreign national loans are considered non-recourse. As your agent I can assist you and your family with obtaining a US-VISA. The EB-5 Visa Program allows non-US citizens to obtain permanent visa status. This is a program administered by the US Immigration Service. Its intent is to generate investments in the US by foreign nationals in return for a (usually) fast-track obtaining of permanent visa status.

Assisting Foreign Nationals in their Company Setup

Through my network of professional attorneys and accounts that are experienced with establishing a company entity for the foreign national; we work together to ensure this process is as seamless as possible. The services include assisting you with obtaining your LLC, Partnership or Corporation and processing your documentation to obtain your EIN# and ITIN# through the IRS. This is an essential part of the process in purchasing real estate within the United States and without this part being handled correctly it will lead to frustration and disappointment. I also assist you in establishing your bank account and banking relationship within the USA.


There are many people that may seem like they offer similar services but please do your due diligence and investigate who you are dealing with. There are many scammers and frauds on the internet and the majority of them will not post their contact information or address. I have a very good and positive reputation and I make sure that my information is available for anyone to see or investigate. I run a trustworthy business that is centered around long term relationships, doing business ethically and insuring you the investor are satisfied and that you fully understand what you are getting into and what to expect. Investing in the United States Real Estate Market should be very profitable but there are many laws and areas of expertise that the investor needs to be aware of. Even if we never do business, I am still here to offer advice and assistance. Invest safely and don’t throw your money away.

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